Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Playing With Fire

Now that it's warm outside, why not throw yourself a Bon Fire? If you're anything like me and you live in a city, gathering logs from a forest and throwing them into a large pit might not be the easiest thing to do...but, you have other options! Why not use an outdoor fireplace? These days, there are so many styles, but ones that have caught my eye come from a Dutch company called Conmoto Design, known best for their modern outdoor furniture and accessories.
The coolest new product I found are portable 'hot-pots'. They look great on tables and can be used for Fondue and S'mores . The best part of all is that they're small enough to move from place to place; depending on where the night takes you.

Here are some other images from Conmoto Designs outdoor furniture:

There is nothing more delicious then having smores in the summertime. Here are some pics for your enjoyment. Sorry in advance for making you hungry :)

Smore kisses

Smore bars

Have yourself a Smore Dessert Bar

Smore pops

They look good don't they!?

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