Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blissful Colour

Lately, I've been craving colour. Lots and lots of colour. I'm talking blues with fuschia's, greens with pinks and purples with new motto: the more colour the better!

Mixing just the right amount of colour in any room adds a certain element of style and personality. Try not too worry too much about what does and does not go. If you want to mix pinks with reds or navy's with black- do so! And if that friend of yours (who always needs to put in her two cents) tells you that the pillows clash with the chair, all you have to do is just smile! What does she know anyways...Right!?

Check out these colourful and bright inspirational photos:

I wanted to post this next image to show that you don't need to match colours perfectly. These orange and green lucite chairs mixed with the purple wallpaper gives the room a colourful and ecclectic feel.


  1. beautiful pictures. and what a nice homes


  2. I agree.. I like the colours a lot when mixed with white, just like on the first pictures you post.. I think it's also very important in which rooms which colours are used.. Never blue in the kitchen for example.. and I find really interesting rather mixes of the same colours in different tones.. (Olive green and beiges are my favourite right now).