Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wish you were here

I love hotels. For me, they represent a luxurious space with all the amentities one needs to feel special. When you go to a hotel, you are completely taken care of. Whether it's your duvet cover being fluffed and folded at turndown or the comfy slippers tucked away neatly in your closet, hotels and their respective guest services make us feel happy, pampered and relaxed. Lately, a large emphasis has been placed on creating a certain look and vibe, turning these hotels into the new "it" place. These Starchitects and top Interior Designers  ultimately use their golden touch to create excitement and grandeur within the space.  

One of my favourite hotels in Miami right now is the W South Beach. Created by a team of legendary architects, designers and artists, the W Hotel represents the luxe Miami lifestyle craved by all.


  1. those hotels look so nice!


  2. I like the first image a lot.. the mix of grey and lilac tones is great.. but I wished it had windows.

    PS! I'd wish to live in a hotel for a period in my life... ahhh.

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