Friday, March 19, 2010

Dreams from Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen, known best for its timeless porcelain products, has recently developed a new design concept for their Elements line. In a collaboration with Danish designer Louise Campbell, they have been able to successfully fuse the past with the present by reappropriating old designs and introducting a new vibrant pallete.

Elements: hand painted porcelain dishes by Louise Campbell for Royal Copenhagen

Louise Campbell is one of the most saught after industrial designers of our time. She has designed for Zanotta, Louis Polsen, Royal Copenhagen and many other companies world wide. 

Prince Chair by Louise Campbell,  MOMA collection 2002
Louise Campbell was invited to be part of an invite-only-competition to create a chair for The Crown Prince of Denmark.

Here's a sneak peak inside the home of Louise Campbell

To learn more about Louise and her designs check out this video

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