Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ever After ♥

Every girl wants a fairytale ending.
We all hold onto that dream of one day having our very own happily ever after. You might still be waiting for your Prince Charming (maybe he thinks your still sleeping?) All I know is that everyone deserves their fairytale moment. You might not live in a castle and you might not have hair as long as Rapunzel's but you do deserve it and it will come.

Until then, why don't we pretend? I know of a place where the Sleeping Beauties lay and the John Smith's of our world sail across the Ocean blue.

Welcome to The Mondrian South Beach where designer extraordinaire, Marcel Wanders has created an oasis of enchantment. With whimsical designs and luxurious surroundings, its no wonder this hotel has been nicknamed "Sleeping Beauties Castle".

Take a look:

Happy Packing!

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