Monday, April 26, 2010

A Navy Tea

Why not have a whimsical tea party outside this Spring? Start off by finding a large navy blue table linen. If you can't find one, you could go to a fabric store and have them cut you a piece large enough to touch the ground on all four sides.

Next,  find yourself some wooden chairs..Head over to flea markets, vintage stores or garage sales. Having a mix of different styles (in the same finish) would also look great!

And to finish off the look we need umbrellas! Any pattern would work, just make sure to stick with one pattern!

Have fun with accessories! I love the idea of gathering a bunch of tin buckets and lining them up in a row along the middle of the table (each about four inches from the next). Fill them with blue berries or flowers to complete the look!
Give each guest a hemp tea bag with loose leaf tea. Place each bag beside the teacups

Tate's Bakeshop makes the most delicious cookies and the packaging looks great too. You can buy them in a package of 6 and give them to each of your guests when they leave.

For more information on ordering from Tate's Bakeshop or to find out where to buy please click here

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