Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A J.Crew Summer

                       J.Crew is one of those stores I get majorly excited about at the start of each season. Come Winter, Fall, Summer and Spring, I find myself browsing their online catalogue, admiring all the new pieces and wishing that just maybe, I could look as well-put together as the J.Crew models. 
Whether it's a chunky gold necklace strung together with a creme ribbon and pearls, or a floral pair of boyfriend shorts, J.Crew's look is always romantic and feminine; and that' why I love it so much.

One girl in particular, who embodies the J.Crew style to a T is Jenna Lyons- also known as J.Crew's amazingly talented Creative Director.

Domino Magazine had the rare opportunity to go inside Jenna's Brooklyn Home.

She even converted a full bedroom into her closet!

Jenna and her son Beckett

My Favourite J.Crew Must Haves for Summer 2010

Coral Reef Tank, $110

Jeweled Jardin Jacket, $495

Palermo Paisley Swimmer, $88

Gladiator Sandals, $110

Galaxy Tote, $595

Crystal Carlyle Bracelet, $68

What fashions will you be wearing this season!?


  1. oo yes those are all just lovely. I had forgotten about that Domino spread thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love that spread, and I miss Domino!!

    xx FujiFiles

  3. those blue gladiators are dreamy. lovely post :)