Monday, April 5, 2010

Something Lovely

Remember the days when boys took girls to carnivals and threw rocks at their first loves windows? Life back then, seemed simple and sweet. Everything was beautiful and innocent.  Although I wasn't around for  "the good old days" I kind of wish I was. What I do know from those days pretty much come from what I've seen in the movies. Movies do tend to idealize things so who knows, maybe young love is just as sweet today?

The beauty of life and young love.


  1. It's really rare.. but I've come to understand also that these kind of things tend to happen more in smaller cities and towns.. villages.. because youngsters living in big cities are growing so fastly up and they seem to not have the time for "innocence" which is sad..
    Thanks for reminding, lovely post;)

  2. I agree completely! I was thinking about movies like 'The Notebook' when I wrote this. Have you seen it?