Monday, April 12, 2010

The Royal Treatment

I'm excited to share with you, a new concept from Dairy Queen called the Blizzard Mobile. Celebrating its 25th birthday, Dairy queen has decided to make this the biggest party to hit North America. Making stops in 25 cities from April through August, this fun blue truck has people talking. At all stops, there will be free mini blizzards. You can even try to score some coupons in the blizzard blaster.

What's your favourite ice cream flavour!?

Click here to find out when the Blizzard Mobile will be partying in your city-


  1. ahhh tha Ice Cream Mobile seems so freaking cool!!! I've never seen one though.. does it have it's own music too (in the cartoons they always had.. lol)

    My favourite flawor of all times is pistacchio! And sometimes lemon is also good.. just to balance the taste..

  2. I always felt deprived that I grew up in a neighborhood without an ice cream truck. If I saw the Ice Cream Mobile I would go nuts.

    Oh and I'm a Rocky Road Gal ;)